Q: How long have you been shooting photos? 

A: I started back in 2003. I began with film and switched to digital shortly after. Over the years, my hobby progressed into a career. It was 2007 when I began to plot my course. 

Q:  Are you available for travel?

A: I am. I travel pretty regularly around Texas. I've shot weddings in Corpus Christi, San Angelo, Austin, Houston, College Station... You name it

Q: OMG! How did you get that image??

A: Every day is completely different from one to another. We document each couples unique day as it unfolds. 

Q: My wedding is outdoors at night, is that a problem?

A: For some photographers, it may be. But I take pride in knowing how to work any lighting situation, even the challenging ones.

Q: Will my wedding looks like theirs?

A: We tend to lean towards a commercial style of photography, but we still have a photo journalistic background.  Our angles and lighting might look familiar, but your day will be unique to you. 

Q:Do I need a 2nd photographer?

A: It all depends on how you want your day covered.  In my opinion, a 2nd photographer is never a necessity. However, in certain churches with restrictions or venues with large crowds, a 2nd photographer comes in handy more than you'd think. I'm more than happy to toss in my opinion and help if this is a concern. 

Q: Can you accommodate scheduling challenges for  Active Duty Military?

A: Yes. An automatic 10% discount for all Active Duty couples. And I understand the potential for scheduling conflicts. I'm more than willing to work with you, if necessary, with no rescheduling  fees.

Q: Do you need a shot list?

A: A shot list is never required. Given the fast paced nature of documenting a live event and the unique qualities of personalized weddings, we understand that every wedding has the "must have" images. However, in keeping with the naturally evolving day, we document details as they arise. 

Q: I'm ready to book! What do I do?

A: I ask for a 25% deposit to secure the date. I accept cash, check and credit cards through Paypal and Square.